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Lots of Color Makes This Alexandria House Pop 

When Maggie and Troy Lyons moved into their new 4,800-square-foot house in Alexandria three years ago, they knew it would take a little work to make it truly feel like home. 

The challenge was to take that sterile new-build environment and add some texture, warmth, and layers to create some personality.   

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How to Care for Your Christmas Plants 

Poinsettias, Christmas cacti, and Norfolk Island pines with their pops of color make great holidays gifts. But to make these winter plants last as long as possible, you need to know how to take care of them. 

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A Remodel Brightens This Arlington Home by Bringing Nature into the Design

When an Arlington family wanted to redesign their 3,400-square-foot 2009 house to incorporate both a modern feel and furnishings inherited from family, interior designer Susan Sutter carried out their vision, keeping both the present and past in mind.

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How a Dark Lower-Level Alexandria Space Ended Up with a Bright, Cozy Face-lift

The Rev. Patrick Hunnicutt and his wife, Sally, spent years avoiding the lower level of their 1960s Alexandria home with its dark rooms, dated carpeting, and painted wood paneling. Ultimately, they decided it needed a full transformation.

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Out With All White: Colorful Cabinetry Spices Up Kitchen Redesigns

Two kitchen trends — white oak cabinetry and two-toned cabinetry — are starting to push out the traditional, clean all-white kitchen that took the design world by storm, designers say.

This shift started in 2019 and took off during the pandemic, hitting its stride in 2020.

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Drink Up Your Fright at Nightmare on the Avenue, a Halloween Pop-Up Bar 

Spooky season is now upon us. And if you’re a fan of everything Halloween, then you won’t want to miss the latest Del Ray pop-up bar, Nightmare on the Avenue

This is yet another creation from owners Bill Blackburn and “Mango” Mike Anderson of the Homegrown Restaurant Group. While Nightmare on the Avenue has become an annual theme for the ever-changing pop-ups, Blackburn says it is very different from last year’s. 

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Purcellville’s Adroit Theory Brewing Expands its Menu of Refreshing Beer Slushies

Craving a new take on craft beer? Adroit Theory Brewing in Purcellville has you covered with its beer slushies.

This refreshing frozen concoction takes one of the brewery’s base beers, such as a sour, and adds different flavors to it like peach, strawberry, banana, or vanilla to create a whole new drink experience.

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Hope Flower Farm Embraces Healing Power of Flowers in Waterford

When you first step foot onto the Hope Flower Farm property in Waterford, it’s hard not to feel a sense of serenity. A sense of joy. A sense of hope. 

The fields at the farm are full of dahlias, zinnias, and cosmos, as well as buildings packed with history. In between, there are spots for you to create your own special moments. 

And that is just what owner and floral designer Holly Heider Chapple wished for. 

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4 Stargazing Spots to Check Out in Virginia

You may be looking for ways to maximize your time outdoors before the evening air turns too brisk. The possibilities don’t have to end once the sun goes down.


Why not grab a blanket, some snacks, and head out to one of the nearest dark sky spots to relax and check out the cosmos? (Just don’t forget the bug spray!) 

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How Historic Ovoka Farm Found Its Wagyu Beef Niche

"I always dreamt of being a cowgirl,” owner Karen Way says with a smile as she walks the stunning, expansive property at Ovoka Farm in Paris, a small village community located in Fauquier County.


It is just before sunset at the 690-acre farm, which dates back to the 1730s and is home to nearly 400 beef cattle, and work is winding down for the evening.

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How Your Lifestyle Can Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s

Lifestyle changes, such as exercise, a proper diet and sleep are ways to help you reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

In fact, NoVA-based geriatrician Dr. Angela Hsu notes that just 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a day — such as walking, biking, or water aerobics — can reduce the risk of dementia by 30 to 40 percent.

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Herndon Kitchen Remodel Features Large Island, Sophisticated Bar 

For their kitchen remodel,  Michael and Erin Recachinas of Herndon had a clear vision of what they were looking for: a functional and durable kitchen where they could spend hours, and host cocktail or dinner parties. 

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Increasing nervous system flexibility means giving yourself the gift of moving through life with a greater sense of ease and flow — which is going to feed into every single area of your life. You can start by taking steps toward overall wellness and quality of life, beginning with learning how to better manage your stress.  

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Sisters Team Up to Provide Home Organization to Others

Back in 2021, sisters Carolyn Hoffman and Emily Freund set out to work their way through a reorganization of Carolyn’s home. The two sisters quickly discovered that they made a good team of organizers, one they would later turn into Two Sorting Sisters.

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BARtanical, Plant-Themed Bar, Becomes Alexandria’s Latest Pop-Up

Calling all plant lovers and botanists. BARtanical, the latest Del Ray pop-up bar from owners Bill Blackburn and “Mango” Mike Anderson of the Homegrown Restaurant Group, is made for you.

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6 Nutrition Trends You Should (and Shouldn’t) Follow in 2023

It’s the start of a new year, and you want to make some healthy changes — beginning with your diet. Which nutrition trends are truly beneficial, and which are simply misconceptions?

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How to Tackle Your Cluttered Spaces

Everyone has those parts of the house that could use a little TLC. That junk closet in the hallway where stuff has piled up over the year. The basement that serves as both the playroom and the entertainment space when hosting guests. And who even knows what’s hiding in the back of the spice cabinet?

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5 Home Design Concepts That Will be Trendy in 2023

It’s never too early to start thinking about how you want to tweak your home design in the new year. You know what they say: Your home is an extension of you. So what do you want your home to “say” in 2023?

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The Extravagant Decorations at this Alexandria Home Draw Thousands of Visitors Each Year

Over 250,000 lights. Three hundred plastic blow molds. Twelve fully decorated artificial Christmas trees. More than 100 inflatable holiday decorations ranging in size from 2 feet to 15 feet. And a whole lot of Christmas spirit. That’s what it takes for Kurt Farmer to transform his Alexandria home into Farmer’s Christmas House. It’s one of NoVA’s most anticipated holiday displays, and it has kept people returning year after year for decades.

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A New Dishwasher Spurred a Complete Kitchen Remodel and Addition in This Falls Church Home

When Liesel Kuhr and Kevin Eakin decided to remodel their 1950s Falls Church home, it started with the idea of adding a dishwasher to the kitchen and ended with the addition of an entire second floor. 

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This Gourmet Candy Apple Shop Offers Over 75 Flavor Options

Sharita Rouse, who owns Tummy Yumyum Gourmet Candy Apples in Manassas, didn’t exactly dream of one day opening a candy store. In fact, the business started out as just a gig to make a little extra money on the side. But something deep inside told her she needed to make this move.

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How to Add Warmth and Comfort to Your Home Décor This Autumn

Decorating your home for the autumn months is all about bringing warmth and comfort to the space. Picture tree branches with beautifully colored leaves, soft blankets in deep, rich colors, and flickering candles giving off the scent of a freshly baked pie. You know the vibes. 

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How to Tap Into the Aesthetic of Autumn in Northern Virginia

From cozy décor pieces in warm, saturated colors and twinkly lights galore to that first sip of a pumpkin spice latte or hot apple cider, there’s no doubt about it. Fall has a certain vibe that is all its own.

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Happy to Help: Samantha Cahill, Finalist For Our Teacher of the Year Awards

Brooke Point High School English teacher Samantha Cahill considered many professions during college. She knew she wanted work with people in some capacity, but it wasn’t until a postgraduate internship in college admissions that her passion for teaching blossomed. 

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How to Prepare and Protect Your Finances as the Economy Shifts

Learning how to manage and keep finances safe can be a challenge filled with trial and error. With the changing economy, ups and downs in the market, and the occasional unforeseen circumstance, it can be difficult to remain unscathed. 

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Purcellville’s JK Community Farm Donates 100 Percent of its Crops to Those in Need

Located on 150 acres, the nonprofit JK Community Farm started in 2018 with a mission of providing nutritious, fresh food to those in the community who otherwise may never have had access. And they deliver on that promise.

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This Arlington Renovation Transformed a Dark 1950s Build into a Bright, Modern Home

Midcentury meets contemporary in this renovation of a 1950s Arlington home by DC-based firm Four Brothers.

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The Popular Yard Trends That Will Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

There’s no doubt about it: Backyards have become the new hangout spot. And this simple truth has led many homeowners to reevaluate their current outdoor living situations.

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Transition Your Home’s Decor for the Warmer Months with These Little Tweaks

The sun is bright, you can hear the sound of birds chirping happily outside your window, and Virginia’s colder months have begun to fade into a distant dream. Summer is around the corner. What better time to gradually start giving your home a little refresh for the warmer months?

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Oak Spring Estate Serves as a Stunning Oasis for Horticulture Enthusiasts

The garden at the Oak Spring Estate, located near Upperville, is a must-see for any lovers of horticulture and elevated garden design.

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This Alexandria Home Got an Incredible Makeover–with Zero Renovations

When interior designer Ana Djevenica recently set out to transform the main level of an Alexandria home from traditional to “elegant with a jazzy twist,” she faced some major limitations.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Attending College

College can be hard to navigate at times, but it’s also one of the most exciting periods of your life. You’re beginning the journey to discovering who you are and who you’re meant to be. Whether you’re just starting out or are a few years in, it’s never too late to incorporate some of these tips to help make your experience a smooth one.

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Top DMV Fitness Pros Explain How to Supercharge Your Workout

You’ve got your gym routine down. Your favorite water bottle is filled. You’ve invested in some cute workout gear. Your playlist is set, and your AirPods are fully charged. But what about after the laps are run, the miles are cycled, the sun salutations performed?Here, NoVA-area personal trainers offer some tips on creating a healthy post-workout routine.

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This Alexandria Aesthetician Has a Theory on Avoiding “Maskne”

Here’s one good thing to come out of the COVID pandemic: With all the extra time we’re spending indoors instead of going out, a shift has taken place, and more people are skipping makeup to embrace the skin they’re in.

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This Reston Artist Creates Custom Jackets for Some of the Biggest Names in Sports

Taylor Kampa Olson has always been driven to paint. She was just 6 years old when she completed her first mural, in the basement of her childhood home. Now 34, the Reston artist has channeled that passion into a full-time gig hand-painting custom jackets for the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes across the country.

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Where to Get Legitimately Stunning Floral Arrangements Around NoVA

Sending that perfect arrangement is an easy way to really show how you feel, add a pop of color to your event, or even just make someone feel special. The first step is finding the perfect flower shop to fit your needs.

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Serving Rabbit, Catfish, and 115 Bourbons, This Middletown Restaurant Elevates Appalachian Food

After cooking for over a decade for various DC restaurants, as well as under a James Beard award-winning chef in New Orleans, Kari Rushing is now getting back to her roots with a place of her own—Vault & Cellar in Middletown.

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Partner of Local Restaurant Empire Will Open His Own All-Day Brunch Spot in Del Ray

Since the day his journey began in the restaurant industry following high school, Matt Sloan has always drawn his motivation for the culinary world from his late great-grandfather, Anton “Tony” Schabas. Schabas emigrated to the U.S. from Austria in his late teens and worked as a formally trained pastry chef for all of his career.

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These Bucket List Spots for Booklovers Take You into the Pages of Your Favorite Novels

If you’re a booklover, you know what it’s like to fall in love with the words of a truly amazing story that you can’t stop thinking about long after you’ve finished the last page. Chances are you’ve imagined what it’d be like to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, or maybe what it’d be like to simply wander through the Shire in Lord of the Rings.

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This Ashburn Brewery Lets You Brew Your Own Beer. We Found Out How It Works.

Visiting a brewery and discovering new favorites is an exciting venture in and of itself. But actually being able to partake in the art of crafting that brew from start to finish? That’s a whole new ballgame.

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Why Little Painted Rocks Are Popping Up All Over Fairfax

Imagine you’re taking a stroll through Daniels Run Park in Fairfax only to have a brightly painted rock, lying among so many plain gray and brown stones, catch your eye. Or maybe you’re walking out of the grocery store when you spot a colorful one lying under a bush.

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A Place To Be Offers Hope, Belonging Through Music

As Kim Tapper walks the halls of A Place to Be, laughter fills the air. There is music around every corner, smiling faces and most of all, hope. It’s like walking into a warm hug.

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NoVA Home Pros on Everything You Need to Build a Perfect Home Bar

Whether you’d like a fun space for entertaining guests or you foresee a lot of quiet evenings in this fall with the uptick of the Delta variant, there’s no better time than the present to start creating the bar of your dreams right in the comfort of your home.

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Get Apple Cider Donuts and Goat Milk Soap from This Small Family Farm

Growing up on a farm in the south, Lorenzo Gibbs always thought he’d one day choose a different path in life for himself. But after some military time spent overseas, he got a different perspective on farm life that has since morphed into something bigger for his own family–and a true gem for anyone in the region who cares about organic products.

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Where to Go for an Out-There Date Night in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties

Are you craving something a little different for date night this week? Dinner and a movie is always a classic, but why not spice it up and try something a little out of the norm? You know what they say, the best things happen outside of your comfort zone.

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These 5 Home Design Trends Have Taken Off in Northern Virginia

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, even the most social of butterflies were forced to hunker down and become “homebodies” for a while. And with all that time spent inside the home, people were inspired to change up their surroundings in the one way that they could: by revamping their space.

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Collaborators Bill and Staci Mclauchlan Finally Find a Port in Downtown Gallery

“Do it while you can because you never know what the future holds.” From sailing up and down the East Coast to opening an art gallery in the heart of Downtown’s historic district, it is that credo that has steered the ship for Bill and Staci McLauchlan over the past 15 years.

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The skinny on dining out: Menu changes for health-minded patrons

You’ve been hitting the gym like a champ, eating healthy lunches, drinking plenty of water, and stashing smart snacks. But you have two days before dinner with friends, and you are convinced that a meal out on the town will derail your progress. Hidden calories galore.

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How Davey Woolridge Turned his Grandmother’s Recipe into a Salsa Business now in 25 Stores

When Davey Woolridge attended an entrepreneur summer camp for young adults with disabilities four years ago, never in his wildest dreams did he think he’d leave with the basis for a salsa business that has now made its way into more than 25+ stores.

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Raising Joel: Parenting a Complex Child

On an average day, you can find Joel Serrano pedaling through his neighborhood, climbing a jungle gym and informing those around him everything there is to know about Minecraft. Just like any other seven-year-old boy, right? But at about two or three years old, his parents noticed there was something different about him.

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Is It Time to Declutter? Woodbridge Organizer Offers Tips 

A messy space can affect how you feel. The truth is, it’s easier to thrive in an organized home. 

Many times, people will begin to feel overwhelmed because of the existing clutter in their homes, notes Karen Windholz, professional organizer and founder of Woodbridge-based Sort Toss Repeat, a firm that works with clients in Northern Virginia. 

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What’s New This Year at NOVA Parks’ Holiday Light Displays 

The NOVA Parks’ holiday light displays are back and ready to provide some holiday cheer that you can walk and drive your way through. While you can expect some of the favorites you see every year, a lot is new this year at these three displays. 

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5 Stress-Relieving Techniques to Try This Holiday Season 

The holiday season brings with it many things. The cozy feeling of a decorated home with warm lights and garland. Extra time spent with family and friends you may not get to see often. The sharing of carefully selected gifts and seemingly endless decadent treats. However, for some, it also brings additional stress. 

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Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Guests? 5 Helpful Organizing Tips 

Thanksgiving is a day to share a delicious meal and to indulge in all the tempting baked goods. And it’s a day to spend time with your loved ones and be thankful. 

For many, it’s that special time of year when you host visiting family or friends.


With that in mind, now is the time to prepare. 

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Cozy NoVA Tea Shops Provide a Welcome Warm-up

As we head into the colder months, what’s a better way to warm up and unwind than with a nice cup of tea in a cozy atmosphere?


The best part? You don’t have to brew it yourself. Northern Virginia has a great selection of tea shops.  

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This Reston Townhouse Renovation Is a Midcentury Modern Dream

When Valerie Ritter decided to renovate her 1969 Reston townhouse, she knew a few things for certain: She wanted something reminiscent of the era of the house, but that also felt current and functional. 

After determining her vision, she turned to Aidan Design senior designers Nadia Subaran and Kelly Emerson to help bring it to life.  

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Where to Have a Great Girls’ Night Out in NoVA 

Itching to round up the girls and spend a much-needed evening out enjoying some delicious, crafty cocktails and sharing some laughs? You’re in luck. These NoVA spots are bound to provide the perfect atmosphere for a girls’ night out. 

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This Fairfax County Home Remodel Created Space for the Whole Family

When Chris and Jenn Goode purchased their 1960s Alexandria home a decade ago, they knew it didn’t quite match their style.


The home was very traditional with little lighting and out-of-date finishes in most of the rooms. They were looking for something more transitional — and they also worried about the size. 

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Restored Alexandria Courtyard Transforms into an Urban Oasis

Preservation architect Ashley Wilson had long admired the double-entry townhouse in Old Town, and once she purchased it in 2011, she worked hard to restore it both inside and out. She began by renovating the 18th-century building and carriage house, creating four apartments to rent out in one part of the property and a living space for herself and her family. 

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Pop-up Miami Vibes Bar Brings ‘Slice of the ’80s’ to Alexandria

It’s time put on shades and your linen jacket and head back to the 1980s at Del Ray’s newest pop-up bar, Miami Vibes. 

The Miami Vice-themed pop-up bar is the creation of owners Bill Blackburn and “Mango” Mike Anderson of the Homegrown Restaurant Group. 

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Bold, Dark Accents Make Midcentury-Modern Reno Pop in Arlington 

Scott and Gina Memmott have had ideas for changes they wanted to make ever since they moved into their 1951 ranch style home 20 years ago. 

However, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic hit that they finally thought seriously about a renovation and reached out to TriVistaUSA, an Arlington boutique design and build company, for a consultation. The end result was a multi-room renovation that brought a beautiful blend of bold choices and midcentury-modern style into their “forever” home. 

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Create a Moon Garden for a Nighttime Sensory Experience

There are few things more captivating than a beautiful outdoor garden at its peak. Colorful flowers and bright greenery. The warm sunshine beaming down. But what if you could have a similar experience at night when the moon comes out? 

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Gut Health: Why you should ignore TikTok

Anyone who has been on TikTok or any social media app recently has seen the trend around gut health videos. In fact, it’s hard to scroll through the apps without seeing at least one video of an influencer talking about gut health or gut healing. Probiotics. Bone broth. Kombucha. Olive oil shots. Collagen powder. Apple cider vinegar drinks. The list goes on and on. But do these remedies actually have an impact on your gut? 

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Captain Cookie Started with a Life-Long Love of (You Guessed It) Cookies

Francis baked his first cookie around age four and that love for baking simply continued to grow from there. The DC-based Captain Cookie & the Milkman opened its first Virginia store last month.

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5 Wine Clubs That Are Perfect for Wine Connoisseurs

Do you love a nice glass of wine? Do you enjoy having exclusive membership perks? Does the idea of spending time in some of the most beautiful parts of Northern Virginia excite you? If the answer to all of those questions is yes, then you may want to consider becoming a member at one of Virginia’s extraordinary wine clubs. 

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How to Incorporate Latest Skin Care Trend — Skin Cycling — into Your Daily Routine

If you’re someone who spends some time before bed scrolling through TikTok (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t these days?), chances are you’ve come across at least one person testing out one of the latest trends in skin care — skin cycling. But what exactly is skin cycling? And should you be trying this trend?

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This Is What It’s Like to Explore the Inaugural DC Winter Lantern Festival

I’m a sucker for light displays — especially around this time of year. So when I had the opportunity to check out the inaugural DC Winter Lantern Festival, I was delighted.

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The Festive Décor at These Local Restaurants Will Put You in the Holiday Spirit

Twinkling holiday string lights. Ornaments carefully placed on a tree. Garland around the doorway. A fireplace crackling in the background. There’s nothing quite like seasonal holiday décor to bring that sense of warmth and coziness into the atmosphere. Pair that with a delicious, filling meal and a fun, festive drink and you’re bound to be falling into the holiday spirit.

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How This Ashburn Bake Shop Made Northern Virginia Go Crazy for Beignets

For Bilstad’s Beignets, it all started right in the heart of the pandemic. Everybody was stuck at home, so Bilstad and his wife, Jenny, decided they were going to make beignets. And those beignets were a hit!

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A Renovation Took This Arlington Home From Cramped to Open, Modern Spaces

At 3,276 square feet, this 1980s Arlington home originally boasted a generous footprint but had a complex design that just did not flow. DC-based architecture firm EL Studio helped revamp the center-hall colonial into an open, modern, and convenient space perfect for an active family of five.

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15 Seasonal Things to Do Around the DMV this Fall

Every year, it always seems like there is never enough time to fit in all of the fun fall activities before the end of the season. And, since we are now at the beginning of the new season, it’s the perfect time to get out your calendar and make plans to squeeze in the 15 activities on our fall bucket list.

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Building Bonds: Julia Blair, Finalist For Our Teacher of the Year Awards

Fort Belvoir Upper School serves many military families, so it has a high rate of students coming and going each year: well over 30 percent. The robust turnover makes Julia Blair’s educational philosophy — to build a relationship with each student — all the more important.

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Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time to Declutter Your Home

Your home is a representation of you. Your personality. Your energy. It shines through the space where you spend so much of your time. Therefore, keeping it orderly, relaxing, and free of clutter can have a profound effect on both your mind and soul.

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This McLean Kitchen Remodel Pays Tribute to the Homeowner’s Love of Amish Craftsmanship

When Julie and Michael Carr decided to renovate the kitchen of their McLean home, their vision was clear. Forget shiny and new. They wanted something that felt a bit more “lived-in.” Something tracing back to Julie’s roots.

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This Vienna Kitchen Upgrade Benefited From an Open Layout and a Splash of Color

When Tom and Rachel Kraft first moved into their beautiful 1970s colonial-style home in Vienna, they loved it. But as time went on, they realized the closed configuration of their first-floor living space just wasn’t working for them.

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How to Upgrade Your Outdated Home Exterior with These Modern Trendsnomy Shifts

One thing’s for sure. With an increased value being placed on the comfort and usability of your living spaces, there has been no shortage of home buildouts and renovations over the past few years.  

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Sienna Sky Boutique Uses “Color Psychology” to Find You a Great Fit

Paige Lobuts says she always knew that one day she wanted to open her own business, but it had to be something that she was passionate about. So naturally, she turned to fashion.

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Alexandria’s Newest Shop Offers Unique Artisanal Home Decor Finds

Tucked away off King Street, Manse is one of Old Town Alexandria’s newest discoveries, and one that’s easy to miss.

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Virginia’s First Mahjong Parlor Is Bringing Chinese Culture to Arlington

If you’re hunting high and low for the trendy new Sparrow Room, a speakeasy-style dim sum parlor behind Bun’d Up eatery in Arlington, just follow the click-click-click of mahjong tiles.

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This Organic Candle Company Is Taking Off—Thanks to its 11-Year-Old CEO

When sixth-grader Alejandro Buxton decided to make a special candle for his mom back in 2019, he had no idea that move would grow into a full-fledged business.

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This Mother-Daughter Macrame Shop Will Make You Fill Your Home With Knitted Finds

When Anielka Azarian was furloughed from her job as a flight attendant, she was left scrambling for a way to pay the bills. Happily, what came out of that experience was an exciting new business venture that she shares with her mother and sister back in her hometown of Campeche, Mexico.

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What to Look for in a Home Designed for Your Golden Years

Change can be hard for anyone—even more so when it comes to downsizing from a home you’ve created beautiful memories in or revamping parts of your living space for aging in place.

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Why You Can Be Happy There Are Beehives on Top of Crossing Clarendon in Arlington

The Crossing Clarendon in Arlington has teamed up with Alvéole in an effort to facilitate a connection with nature in urban areas as well as inspire others to “bee” advocates for the pollinating world themselves.

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This Alexandria Shop Wants to Help Men Make the Upgrade from Sweatpants

Retail owner Elizabeth Todd could always sense the need for a men’s clothing store in Old Town Alexandria. So she set out to make it happen. Enter Yellow Jacket—the new men’s store from longtime local fixture The Shoe Hive.

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Head Chef of DC’s Pineapple and Pearls Moves to VA’s Blue Rock Inn. Here’s What He’s Cooking.

Chef Bin Lu didn’t grow up learning how to cook. In fact, it wasn’t until he started school at the University of Virginia that he even began to think about it.

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The Tysons Corner Center Santa Has Been a Santa for 37 Years

Mike Graham of Tennessee began his stint as Santa 37 years ago, when he slipped into the big red suit to fill in for a St. Nick missing from the Gatlinburg City Parade. Things just snowballed from there.

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New Monument Honors African-American Soldiers Killed in the Civil War

Anew memorial to honor three members of the United States Colored Troops (USCT) who gave the ultimate sacrifice was unveiled on November 6 in Culpeper County, just ahead of Veterans Day. Located along Maddens Tavern Road near the crossroads of Routes 610 and 724, the granite obelisk is a tribute to the three veterans who were captured and executed by Virginia cavalry troops just a few hundred yards away on May 8, 1864.

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32 Things to Do for an Amazing Winter Season Around NoVA

Seasonal stress got you down? Bid it bah, humbug. Whether you want to cozy up next to the fire or head outside to frolic in the snow, here are 32 ways to feel instantly jollier—through Christmas and beyond.

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The NoVA Restaurants with Lovely Fireplaces to Warm Up By

It’s that time of year again in Northern Virginia. Darkness comes much sooner, the air is crisp, and evenings get especially chilly. What better time than now to find a relaxing atmosphere with a fireplace to warm up at? And if they serve delicious food and crafty cocktails, even better!

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This Independent Whiskey Distillery in Manassas Is Getting National Attention

KO Distilling in Manassas recently celebrated their sixth anniversary this September, and with that milestone comes a hopeful expansion outside of the DMV area.

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Puppies Bring Joy Back into Veterans’ Lives at NoVA’s MK9s Service Dogs

Michele Khol has always had a passion for working with service dogs. And when her son joined the Naval Academy in 2010, she shifted gears to working with veterans in the service dog lane.

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Meet Biscuit — the Washington Capitals’ new furry friend

Meet Biscuit—the chocolate Labrador puppy who is the Washington Capitals’ newest team dog.

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Brunch Spots with Amazing Mimosas and Bloody Marys, from Arlington to Loudoun

You know what the weekend means: fun drinks poured into fancy glasses paired with sprinkled powdered sugar concoctions and decadent eggs Benedict. It’s brunch time!

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Here’s Where to Shop in NoVA for Gen Z’s Cottagecore Obsession

There is something that just feels comforting and nostalgic about the Cottagecore aesthetic. It’s a nod to simpler times and the quiet life. It feels like home. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only intensified this blossoming movement.

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The Mind Behind NoVA’s Favorite Cocktails Explains How to Make Drinks at Home

With COVID-19 numbers ticking back up, maybe you’re erring on the side of caution and staying in most evenings again. But that doesn’t mean you can’t relax and enjoy an expertly crafted cocktail. All you need is a little bit of industry advice.

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Filmmaker Conrad Weaver Tells the Story of Addiction

Emmitsburg Filmmaker Conrad Weaver grew up with a camera in his hand. But it was only in the past decade that he realized his true passion for creating documentaries that have an impact on people. 

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Through Heavy Seas and Without Modern Navigation Technology, Earl Mullins Took His Fears on a Transatlantic Sail

Earl Mullins always had a bit of fear of the water, probably the residue of having almost drowned twice before the age of six. But you would never know that history by the way he lights up when talking about sailing the open sea. Or by the fact that he once received his certification in scuba diving.

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How a Local Designer used LSU’s Clear Bag Policy to Achieve Her Dream of Breaking into the Fashion Industry

It was a new scenario that many LSU fans encountered last season: getting turned away from the gate for a bag that didn’t fit guidelines. LSU joined several other NCAA and SEC schools last year in updating its policy on what attendees could bring into the stadium, requiring see-through handbags no larger than 12-by-6-by-12 inches. But where some saw a new gameday annoyance, Anu Mehrotra saw an opportunity.

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What Attendees Wore to the 2018 Baton Rouge Blues Festival

There’s no better place to let your creative expression fly than a festival dedicated to music and the arts. While we waited for acts like Samantha Fish and Kenny Neal to take the stage, we did a little people watching. 

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